Cascades of fountains for your health

One of the thematization works most demanded by our clients are the cascades or fountains as a decorative element as well as a relaxing issue for gardens, swimming pools, terraces and leisure spaces. As it is well known, the water is normally associated to the concept of life, and is an element that many thinking trends and lifestyles use the water as a positive energy attractor, such as the Feng Shui, that it means literally wind and water.

From a scientific and medical point of view,the sound of the water brings several benefits for our health. There are many reports evidencing that the water in cascades or fountains increase the level of humidity and reduce the level of dust, contaminants and static electricity that is produced naturally in the nature.

Also, the hydrotherapy that before was only available at the SPA’s and in some swimming pools placed in hotels but nowadays we can see them in many houses, is one of the therapies most used at a medical level to treat several pathologies. The use of different levels of pressure of the water in the body brings benefits as:

  • Capacity to equilibrate the blood pressure.
  • Control and equilibrate the corporal temperature.
  • Pain relief
  • Tone organs
  • Stimulates o calm down the nerve system

All those benefits are increased if the place makes us feel and transport us to places that imitate the nature increasing the capacity of relaxation and combining it with other techniques such as the music-therapy (the use of music for psychotherapeutic purposes) or the aromatherapy (therapeutic treatment focused in the inhalation, ingest or added to water of natural or essential oils that are extracted from the plants, flowers, herbs or trees) among others.

Aristotle used to say that “art partly completes what nature cannot bring to a finish, and partly imitates her” Since many years and after completing several projects of different focus, at Bulcan Arte we have aimed to dome the nature to take it and adapt it to different corners for the benefit to people and the surroundings. Our construction techniques and artistical work of our sculptors have reached to a level of imitation of the nature that you will not know if you are watching something is fabricated or was the Creator who placed it there.

If you have a house or any other location suitable for this kind of works, we invite you to visit the thematization works that we have developed and we are sure that you will find inspiration and ideas to build a place where you will don’t want to leave from.